4E is a philosophy of human characters which could be grouped into the elements that make up our universe, that is, the elements of Soil, Water, Fire, and Air

Why 4E?



Since we have only four groupings, it’s very simple for our clients to understand. We associate every personality traits to the proper elements. Such as, FIRE elements are energizing, WATER are adaptable, SOIL are careful, WIND shifts from one to another.


Unlike other human philosophies that uses many terminologies, 4E uses natural elements that we familiar with. 4E does not uses terms that are difficult to remember. Since we are familiar with water, soil, fire, and air, this philosophy are hard to forget.


Once you master this philosophy, you could relatively fast analyse every person you know. This way, you could be able to communicate effectively with every people. Not just in workplace, but also, families, relatives, friends, and even people you’ve just met.


This philosophy brings excitement to our clients. Most of them says this theory is very different among others. Since it is simple, memorable, and intuitive, they are very motivated to learn this.

What is 4E?

4E is a philosophy of human characters which could be grouped into the elements that make up our universe, that is, the elements of Soil, Water, Fire, and Air. We design every team building and training with this philosophy, knowing that every human being is unique, and have their own special character. These uniqueness makes no one, even the best psychologist in the world, who can understand other individuals as well as individuals understands themselves.


To optimally achieve organizational goals, we do not require thorough assessment of each individual characters with all of each complexity, because optimal organization does not require a superhuman, but a super team. Therefore, the understanding of coworker’s character needs to be done accurately, but in a simple way. INOVASIA will take the participants to understand the character of co-worker’s in a short time, and able to provide a feedback in a fun approach, and to understand how to behave towards each different individuals characters with themselves. With a good understanding of each individuals’ characters, team cohesiveness will be obtained so that corporate objectives will be achieved at ease.

What our clients said

Never take it for granted. Listen what our clients said about our products

Our office’s working environment now feels more fluid and productive. I am no longer fussed by staff complaints about things that are not essentials. I owe to Inovasia, thanks to their 4E.

Priyo S. Bodjonegoro

Operation Director, PT Rukun Raharja, Tbk

Inovasia’s kinship is very strong. Good communication is established, and what Inovasia deliver is easily absorbed, because they deliver with heart, and with delighted communcation

Arief Budi Prasetyanto

(Former) General Manager, PT Berau Coal, Tbk

4E based Trainings

Our trainings are based on the philosophy of 4E, as an accurate and easy to digest framework. These trainings are presented with experential learning methods; such as role play, races, fun games, by optimizing multi-media and multi-sensories, specially designed with a pleasant cultural approaches

Our Trainings