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About Our Company

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Does INOVASIA offer anything else?

INOVASIA also provide executive coaching, edu kids, science kids, parenting, and 4E test. If you have any services needed not listed on this website, or need any information of what other services listed above, please kindly contact us

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Why should my company relies in INOVASIA?

What INOVASIA see in the competitors, they just give you theories without ensuring every participants fully understands the materials provided or not. So it is not clear whether the services provided by INOVASIA’s competitors have a real impact to the clients or not.

INOVASIA not only just gives you a theories, but also the solution that is easy to implement. Beside that, INOVASIA make sure that every participants really understands the materials given. So in the end, the clients will not only get a certificate, but they also get a real added value to their life.

What makes INOVASIA better than the rest?

INOVASIA works with heart, and empowering the clients. INOVASIA will share all knowledges and expertises to the clients. This way, the clients does not need to call INOVASIA again for the same case/problem. INOVASIA really hope to see our clients again for the more advanced training, or a different case to deal with.

Does INOVASIA experienced enough?

INOVASIA counsultants consists of experienced executives, with approximately have more than 10 years of experiences in managing companies. INOVASIA also have academics professionals which are always updated with the new theories. Last not but least, INOVASIA also backed up with young workers that are full of creativities

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Our companies are not in Indonesia. Can we book INOVASIA for us?

Of course you can. INOVASIA will provide you an online service, such as VOIP (Skype, etc) to have an online meeting for the needs assessment. After that, we could also happily come to your home country. Just contact us and we will arrange the best method to give our services

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How do I book/send inquiries?

For any booking, you could send an email to

Our team will assist you as soon as possible.
Or you could alternatively click this button below

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Can I just walk on to your office without any appointment arranged before?

Unfortunately, no you can’t. INOVASIA consultants are oftenly working with our clients out of our office. Since we do have a lot of clients, our consultants may have already had an appointments, so that no one is available to provide you with any relevant informations. Please kindly click this button below to make an appointment.

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About the payments method?

For the payment, you could transfer to our bank account
(on behalf of PT Inovasia Widya Pratama).

If you are our clients and having a issues with any payment, please kindly contact

About our offers

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This might help you to identify INOVASIA’s core competencies

I need other services that is not listed on your website

INOVASIA also provide executive coaching, edu kids, science kids, parenting, and 4E test. If you have any services needed not listed on this website, or need any information of what other services listed above, please kindly contact us

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Why are 4E trainings different than your other training

4E tranings emphasizes the understanding of basic human character, harmony as the key to resolve conflics that exists. While non-4E trainings are not count heavily on 4E, but emphasizes the needs of our clients.

In according to find what suits your company the best, please kindly contact our team

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Can I combine some of your products into one package?

Of course you could. But firstly our team will do assessment of your needs by interviewing your management. This way, we could decide the best way to deliver the right materials your company need.

What is the difference between 4E Team Building and Regular Team Building

In Regular team building, INOVASIA customize the materials according to the needs of the clients. INOVASIA will firstly assess what the client’s needs, then deliver the team building according to the requirements. This way, clients are getting what they really need.
For example, Company A may only need to improve their team cohesiveness. Company B just did a recruitment process, and need to build the team. Of course the treatment and what each company get will be different, since they both need a different services.

Meanwhile, 4E Development for Team Building was specially developed using the 4E philosophy, to create a solid team by the understanding of basic human characters. So what INOVASIA will deliver is based on the fundamental philosophy of 4E.

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Our Offers Itself

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What is TRAINING? Do I need one?

Training is filling the gap between the current employees’ competencies, and the competencies required by the company, to compete in the market.

Training is needed by every level where the employees are, and also needed by the management.

What is CONSULTING? Do I need one?

With experiences and constantly updated with every business chagnes, INOVASIA become the partner for management (corporate executives) in finding strategic solutions to a problem, to a change, or reaching prospective futures. In the end, the client’s management will have a wide informed perspective, to make the best decisions for the company

What is ORGANIZING? Do I need one?

Providing and managing large events. We prepare from the concept of the event, providing stages, sound system, lighting, talents, and every aspects needed for your events to success

What is OUTSOURCING? Do I need one?

What we provide is EXECUTIVE OUTSOURCING, and not just a regular outsourcing.

We provide a group of experienced executvives in managing a department / division to act in a certain position position, in behalf of your company, within a limited time. For example, acting as the General Manager HRD. Companies that want to have a rapid change, companies that have not getting the right leader while looking for candidates

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